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somewhere depending on your tier between 18 and 30% above current bills, and it's really important that we feel, the advocates, and the commission itself feels to really lower those rates and i wanted to say we encourage every effort to do that. that the proposal you're putting forward supervisor campos would not make a huge difference in those rates. i mean looking at the numbers is that the rate recovery is roughly in the order of 10% of the rates themselves, and so if you shave a little bit off of the rate recovery it's 10% of a very big number so we need to have a more aggressive approach i think. it's important to do that but we need a more aggressive approach. that won't quite hit it. and
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the other thing i wanted to mention is that the work that local power has done is -- first of all it's preliminary and secondly it's really a framework for talking through all the issues and it's fairly complex as everyone who has encountered it has recognized and there are a lot of assumptions made that have a lot of implications in the way things turn out but it's a framework where we held the discussion and pull out the issues of different approaches, different scenarios and what not, and that's been a fruitful discussion to have, and we would like lafco to urge that that kind of discussion continue to sort of pull out of those deliverables the types of information and analysis that's richly embedded there as opposed to start thinking automatically of alternative approaches which initially don't seem to be as
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comprehensive and to help you think about this a little bit we put together a short six page paper that captures the essence of the features of that model in general so you can get an idea of basically what it's about without having to read through tons of pages so i have a few copies i can make available. i think everybody here received it but i'm not sure to the excent members of lafco have. >> yeah. you can please share that with the commission. >> thanks a lot. >> thank you and next speaker please. >> hello. i am michelle myers and the director of the local sierra club. i want to piggyback on what was said and address the fact that the stakeholder and the technical review meetings that we have been auditing really more than
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participating have become a bit contentious and i want to call on lafco to take an active role and moderate and find proactive solutions. i think two people that have the best interest of the program are two agencies i guess -- one consultant and the puc, have the best interest of the program at heart, but are having a hard time getting to a place where we can get the maximum amount of community benefit we need. this gets us to a place we have 51% renewable generation in the city. that is amazing. we should look at that and wow how they doing that and still competitive with pg&e rates? and i think it's different from the enabling legislation for the contract it's hard to wrap our heads around t i was happy to hear ms. miller to come up with
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solutions and look at other things and this is a larger program and looking at others to come up with a solution is a great idea but i would like to hear more things like that from lafco. i think it's the role of the agency to serve as the positive, to move the paths between complicated and sometimes opposite opinions and i know it's challenging and we need to rely on puc for experts on the program but there is value what we're paying local power to do and i think it's a way to get beyond the arguments this is just doubling the rates. this say program for people that can afford to pay the premium cost. the work is innovative and i am start to appreciate looking at other national models. they're really in the forefront of what is going on and co-generation facilities
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and combine heat and power. people are starting to take a serious look at and i understand the reasons behind coming up with a simple program which is a purchase power agreement but i know politically san franciscans are going to decide if this is really their program in the beginning phasing and if they're not seeing benefit until four and a half from now they're going to opt out and not participate in the program and i hope we innovative to come up with a program that has community benefit immediately so that's it. >> thank you. any other member of the public who would like to comment and seeing no one come forward we will close public comment. thank you for your comments and i think from our point of view as commissioners on the committee we really want to see us get to the build out phase as quickly as possible. we want to maximize jobs as
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much as possible and minimize the impact to rate payers and that is a a major challenge going forward. with negotiations between them i think there are tools we can bring to bear with that as well. perhaps another expert can come in provide some peer review. i discussed that with supervisor campos earlier and maybe look at other ideas that might be out there as well and i appreciate the work that local power is bringing forward and i think that we need to find the best path way and do it together. that's going to lead to the success of the program so we're committed to making that happen between now in the next month i think we will look at ways to bring harmony to the proposals coming forward. colleagues,
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any other comments or questions? okay. this is an information item. is that correct? so we can go on to the next item. >> item number five work plans and goals and objectives for 2013. >> okay. we have jason fried who will present. >> thank you. jied jason fried brief staff. we had a meeting and went over six items that the commissioners brought up and a item from the public and since then we got an eighth item to look at from a supervisor's office and working with supervisor avalos we looked at what is good. the first one started out as appointment to commissions. in discussions with supervisor avalos there was interest to expand that and possibly turn this not just appointments to commissions but
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how -- when elected positions become open how does the process look compared to other jurisdictions and places around the country? so we expanded that topic. that is something that can be done in house by staff on this. the next item was jobs in the tech sector. after further discussion with supervisor avalos who brought this item up it was determined maybe hold off on this and revisit it in the future if something new comes up on that subject. >> i believe supervisor kim on the board of supervisors is looking at that issue and holding a public hearing on it. >> correct. so we will wait until something comes out of that process. tree maintenance and landscaping performed by the city. there is a meeting next week of a bunch of different stakeholders between city government and community groups. we're going to attend -- supervisor avalos is attending
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that meeting and invited me to go and we will come back to you if something from that meeting and lafco work on and we can present it at that time. municipal bank is something that we will continue to work and monitor it. work with the stakeholders on that item. they're occasionally giving questions they ask. i know miss miller answered super of zoo some of the questions and we will come back to the commission at this point and inform you of that and get direction which way we want to go should we get to a point lafco play a role in that item. the next is the enrichment fund. after discussions with supervisor mar there is stuff going on with that right now. lafco doesn't have a role right now but we will monitor
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it through the commissioner mar and his office and we will inform you of that and city wi-fi and after doing research into that. there was discussion in this commission before i started here so i had to do real research into this. this commission doesn't take actions on the item. they encouraged the city to look at stuff. there was a committee and media alliance that created a report on that and gave information and numbers on it. both of the groups exist. i haven't reached out because i wanted direction from the body but perhaps they want to work with lafco to recreate the project and determine the current numbers as far as cost and how things work and that might be a way to jump start an issue if the commission is interested in moving down this area. the other area that potentially be added is the black fiber. i know there have been discussions in the city
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off and on about the black fiber issue so we might want to add that into the mix as well. if we do what i consider in-depth work on this that is one of the items we need to go to outside counsel or help for because that area gets technical quickly and currently staff doesn't have the expertise and considering cca is a priority for us to give the time and learn the issue that is needed to do something quickly on that item so i might want to suggest on that item we reach out to the two groups and see if they have an interest working with the city and revitalizing what was discussed prior and getting information and the technology that has changed and understand what the current technologies are so we know how to go forward in a more efficient manner -- >> i'm not sure about media alliance. i think they restructured dramatically and not as much staff in the past.
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it's worth exploring. what is the name of the other group. >> the institute of self reliance. it's based in new york or washington dc. they seem to have a lot of staff and the person that did the report is no longer there but the title is still there so there is something doing that work that work there is. >> okay. and you mentioned black fiber as well. could you explain black fiber? >> my knowledge is limited -- >> black fiber. >> dark fiber. black fiber. i heard it two ways. there are fiber optics that the city owns and controls and not utilize and there are quarters it does exist and how do we utilize that to helplet folks. >> municipally owned fiber. >> yes correct. some is used
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by the city but there is excess as i understand and the other item brought to us after lafco met by supervisor kim's office is about parking meters. this is an on going discussion we had and that staff had other meetings and there are other issues and at least now i suggest holding off on that until we get direction exactly what the supervisor's office is looking for us to do on the project so those are the quick items. what i would suggest doing since cca is going to be a big item and continue to be i imagine the remainder of the year we have -- there are going to be times there is not as much work to be done and i can find interns to supplement the research and we work on the appointment of elected officers seem to be the one with most interest from the commissioners of trying to do something
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immediately on that, and that we start doing research into how that would work and i could create a study format and work with folks on that item. >> commissioner campos. >> thank you mr. chair and i want to thank our staff for the work they have done around this issue. i think that the suggestion of continuing the work on community choice aggregation and then looking at the appointments issue is a good one. i would suggest that that as a general approach it probably makes sense for us as a commission to simply give the chair the discretion moving forward to direct the focus or the work of the staff. i certainly don't have any issue with or any problem with any of the issues listed in this memorandum, and if at any time
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situations change and it gets to a point where it maybe appropriate as deemed by the chair for staff to focus on one of these. i certainly would be very happy with the chair having that discretion. likewise i think it would be important as new members of the commission come on board to make sure that they have an opportunity to also add any item or items that they would like to have lafco look at. i would imagine that that some of the new members would have their own ideas in terms of issues that that when it comes to good government that we could be looking at but i'm comfortable with this approach but i think the r ultimately it makes sense for the chair to have that discretion. >> thank you. i would i will
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take that -- i will agree with that and move forward and of course i will consult with other commissioners on the body that we're informed of the work as well. commissioner mar. >> yeah chair avalos i will say i'm in support of mr. jason fried's report and supporting these two items and having flexibility, and i agree with delegating authority to the chair to work with you and as new members come on to have the flexibility to open it up as new reports and studies are needed so i'm supportive. >> all right. thank you. very good. thank you for your presentation. this item we can open up for public comment. >> excuse me. good afternoon again commissioners. eric brooks, san francisco green power and our city. just two comments. one is on the
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municipal bank. i would hope that we would actually i was envisioning at some point when we take that up that lafco will help design a plan to start a municipal bank and just go for it. on the public internet access issue it's important to expand on what mr. jason fried said a little more and that is what this original came up a while ago, not just when the mayor did the wi-fi thing, but before that supervisor ammiano -- i think it was 2002 -- i maybe wrong, had a study to use what we have and in fact build out fiber optics to the entire city and create a comprehensive public broadband network so i recommend that when we take
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that up we pull that study out and figure a way to up date it or new one that is similar. that would be an expense, but that was the idea is that we need to get to building out a big city wide municipal brand band especially because in many states it happened. in california there were a couple of attempts to make it illegal for communities to build their own broad band and that's why i bring it up and if we don't do that we might lose the opportunity to get it and that's the other ask on that let's see if we can get a study commissioned that will show us how to do the city wide broad band fiber optic build out and it wouldn't necessarily cost a lot to do that because there are a lot of high value stuff going over the internet now, video,
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et cetera, and that provides a revenue opportunity so just as we use revenue bonds to do a lot of city projects and the build out of cleanpower sf we will have an opportunity to use those bonds like a build out like that so i encourage you to look at that issue and work on it more and do the more comprehensive work on it. >> thank you. any other member of the public that would like to comment? and seeing none we will close public comment. i agree. the approach will be i will work with lafco staff to look at our projects and research and we will consult with lafco members as topics come up. i do have a big interest in municipal banking in san francisco and i'm not sure we're at the concept phase or the idea phase. there is a little way to g i think it's a
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fine idea but there is work to go to make sure it's not a mistake and i want to make sure you're moving forward but that will take effort to do that, and i like the idea of combining of city wide wi-fi looking at broadband fiber issue. i think it was something we picked up about five years ago in the city and it's worth exploring a bit further. okay. so with that we can go on to our next item. >> do we need approve the work plan? is it more the general direction we're giving now? is that sufficient for lafco staff to move forward? >> i think the direction that you provided is sufficient. >> okay. >> thank you. >> very good. let's go on to the next item. >> item number six, lafco staff structure. >> thank you very much. ms. miller and commissioner campos would you like to open up
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this item? >> sure. >> thank you mr. chair and also defer to ms. miller on this. by understanding is there is more information we will get from the department of human resources and the clerk's office and so i know the report is here for the information and benefit of members of the commission and public but i would simply say it makes sense for us to continue this councilmember. >> okay. and ms. miller. >> yes. that's actually what is what i was going to say. we're not in the process of ready to act today so at the next meeting potentially. >> okay. very good. let's open this item up for public comment. any member of the public would like to comment on this item? seeing none we will close public comment. so colleagues we will
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continue this item to the next lafco meeting. >> so moved. >> very good. we will take that without objection. next item please. >> item seven office of workforce development report. >> i have no report. >> jason fried lafco staff. we know that one of the two positions at the board of supervisors the supervisor asked to join lafco so that will go through the city's process hopefully by the february meeting. by the latest march we should have one of the two vacant seats being filled. >> okay. very good. public comment on this item? and we will close public comment. commissioner campos, do you have a comment? >> maybe i can do it as part of the -- i guess i can do it here. on the issue of structure so that folks know. i will be introducing a resolution and
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would hopefully with the co-sponsorship of of the members of the board of supervisors at some point to modify a prior resolution introduced at the board of supervisors in terms of the scope of the work that some of the lafco staff can do so at the time some of the language that was used was more restrictive so we simply will introduce language that provides more flexibility in that and that's consistent with the direction that we have been going, and not only focusing on cca but other issues under the purview of the lafco so i will introduce that resolution and will be asking some of my colleagues on the board for their co-sponsorship. >> okay. very good. do we have public comment on the executive
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committee report -- executive officer's report -- i think we did so we will go to the next item general public comment. >> item eight is public comment. >> okay. seeing -- we do have a comment from the public. >> i am sorry. before i kind of wrapped up before i mentioned this is a really short presentation. i know al gave the summary of the business model but if you haven't seen the report from local power and look through it and even the graphs are work looking at it and the job estimates. >> can i have that copy? >> yes, you can. >> thank you. >> okay. and now we will close general public comment. and we can call the next item please. >> item nine future agenda items. >> colleagues any future agenda items, topics for discussion?
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okay. public comment on future agenda items. seeing none we'll close public comment and our last item? >> is adjournment. >> we are adjourned. thank you linda. and thank you everyone. >> hey, san franciscans, here with the weekly buzz. it's the first week in february,
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and we have things that won't break the bank, they for all free. this tuesday, february 5 is free admission date for top museums. the dm and the leg end of honor. and after the trip to the museum, take a trip to the zoo, and offering free admission to residents. enjoy seeing all species in their surroundings, and other activities throughout the day. and if you are a baseball fan, i have a giant treat for you, this saturday at at&t park. the event will feature autographed sessions with the players and a chance to take
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pictures with the one and only championships. the event is free but get there early as the lines may be long. that's the weekly events. check us out on we're going to celebrate filipino-american history month in san francisco by doing what mayors always do, especially after being solely instructed by hydra as our education advisor to present the proclamation declaring the month of oct filipino-american month in san francisco. come on up here.
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get up here, so everybody can take a picture here. if i may, i just wanted to say something as well. you know, there are many streets of our great, great city and everybody i think is now enjoying so many of the neighborhoods that are rising up. but there have been neighborhoods like desoma and the excelsior, critical names of streets that we named after filipinos who really served our city and country in a fabulous way. i want to make sure that people remember that. because it's part of our history. so let me say some of them that many of you in the room know, but a lot of our people don't know that.
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you ever see the names? (listing names ) if you were really smart and if you are as smart as hydra wants everybody to be in san francisco, because of her board of education work, you should know victoria manalo dreys park. that was named after vicky dreyes, a filipino olympian from san francisco. these are names we should never forget. we'll see another names as they serve our great city and become our great local heroes. many of these names now on this very wonderful interactive board. tonight celebrate. celebrat